The smart IoT device RAM-1 is intended for remote monitoring and advanced analysis of power grids and surge arresters.

Surge counter, first of many additional features

20.03.2020 11:18

RAM-1 device was upgraded with its first additional feature, the surge counter. The device will be enabled with overcurrent events detection which is commercially known as the surge counter. Combined with location information the system can serve as a powerline lightning strike locator. Measuring range suitable for field operation is determined to be from 1 kA to 200 kA. Detected surge will be energy-wise proportional to IEC standardized waveshape 8/20┬Ás. Lightning detection has shown in the field to be prone to false detections, likely caused by environmental noise and mobile connectivity attempts. This has been resolved with firmware v1.0.5 and v1.99.2 and tested in HV laboratory. Optimal configuration has been found to be lighting_value_min = 155 and default value of lighting_value_max=1000 is valid.