The smart IoT device RAM-1 is intended for remote monitoring and advanced analysis of power grids and surge arresters.

Development of a new method

16.11.2018 06:23

Development of a new method for eliminating the resistive component of leakage current Based on the collected information and data obtained through measurements, we developed a new method for eliminating the resistance component of the leakage current. We made a simulation of the method with the software tool LabView and compared the results with the results of the Modified method with phase shift current. The results were noticeably better with the new method.

Test of a new method for eliminating the leakage resistance component The method was tested by measuring leakage current on a low voltage MOV. We used the mains voltage and varied it with variak. The reference measurement was performed with an oscilloscope, where voltage and current were measured. The results of the reference measurement were then compared with the results of the real measurement. Current capture was performed with a developed sensor and amplifier, and the signal was digitized with National Instruments measuring equipment. Thus, we were able to process and analyze the signal with a program created with the LabView software tool, where we had a simulation of the method. The measurement results deviate from the reference method by only a few percent. The method needs to be tested and confirmed on different types of high-voltage MOVs, and its reliability improved.