The smart IoT device RAM-1 is intended for remote monitoring and advanced analysis of power grids and surge arresters.

Device ISOP R – GSM modem

30.11.2015 11:48

On the previous basis, we decided to continue development of a new device called ISOP R. The new ISOP R product is a continuation of the development of ISOP M with a mechanical indicator. ISOP R uses the same sensor design as ISOP M, a toroidal transformer for signal acquisition and electronics for analyzing and triggering. To this new version we have added three new electronic assemblies:  processor, GSM modem and power supply module with solar cell and super capacitors.

ISOP R operates on the basis of discharge current measurement which the arrester discharges into the ground during operation. The state of the MO surge arrester is detected on the basis of two different informations, which characterizes the state of the MO surge arrester very well:

  1. Measurement of leakage current through the arrester at small and medium amplitudes of the discharge current.
  2. Amplitude measurement of the discharge current. ISOP R reacts at discharge currents higher than 100 kA because MO surge arresters with a nominal discharge current of 10 kA amplitude of 8 /20µs are likely to get damaged at such high discharge amplitudes.

The ISOP R indicator is built into a housing made of durable thermoplastic, which allows it to withstand a variety of weather conditions. ISOP R achieves a degree of protection IP = 67. This level of protection is required because ISOP R is intended for mounting on a distribution pole of any material, as we have provided a universal method of assembly. A earthing conductor is routed through the opening hole in the device.