The smart IoT device RAM-1 is intended for remote monitoring and advanced analysis of power grids and surge arresters.

Analysis and selection of methods

23.03.2018 06:28

Analysis and selection of methods for elimination of leakage current resistance component. The methods listed in IEC 60099 in Annex D were analyzed. We also reviewed some articles and research in this area:
  • Novizon, Zulkurnain Abdul-Malek, Nouruddeen Bashir, Aulia: Condition Monitoring of Zinc Oxide Surge Arresters
  • Yu-ting Xu, Xiao-hua Yuan, Ya-li Mo, Guo-tai Dong, De-cheng Zu: Research on On-line Monitoring of insulation of Metal Oxide Surge Arrester
  • Koli Pradnya Pramod, Dr. Uttam L. Bomble: Methods to separate Resistive leakage current of ZNO surge arrester
  • A review of leakage current-based condition assesment of gapless surge arresters
  • Samruddhi Shaha, Dr. A. G. Thosar, Shri. Vivek Moroney: Modified shifted current method for extraction the resistive leakage current of metal oxide surge arrester
  • I. A. Metwally; Performance of distribution-class surge arresters under dry and artificial pollution conditions, Electrical Engineering
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  • C. A. Laurentys Almeida; A. P. Braga; S. Nascimento; V. Paiva; H. J. A. Martins; R. Torres; W. M. Caminhas; Intelligent Thermographic Diagnostic Applied to Surge Arresters: A New Approach, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
  • K. L. Wong; Electromagnetic emission based monitoring technique for polymer ZnO surge arresters, IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation
  • H. Zhu; M. R. Raghuveer; Influence of Representation Model and Voltage Harmonics on Metal Oxide Surge Arrester Diagnostics, IEEE Power Engineering Review
Based on the collected information, we chose a modified method with phase shift of the current as the most suitable for further work (Modified shifted current method).