The smart IoT device RAM-1 is intended for remote monitoring and advanced analysis of power grids and surge arresters.

Device development

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RAM-CENTER app launched on Google Play (28.08.2020)

First installation on 110 kV tower (07.08.2020)

Radio measurements on the Bluetooth antenna (26.07.2020)

Antenna tuning for LTE and LoraWan (12.07.2020)

Accelerometer sensor for perfect up-right posture (30.06.2020)

The patent for intellectual property has been granted (12.06.2020)

Longer battery life equals better protection (22.05.2020)

Bluetooth low-energy interface (BLE) (24.04.2020)

Amazon AWS cloud services (03.04.2020)

Surge counter, first of many additional features (20.03.2020)

Smart device needs smart connectivity (06.02.2020)

RAM-CENTER monitoring platform (24.01.2020)

First installation in the field (29.11.2019)

Development of basic program routines for a microcontroller (22.02.2019)

Development of a new method (16.11.2018)

Implementation of Modified method (25.05.2018)

Analysis and selection of methods (23.03.2018)

Device RAM-1 - project matrix (30.11.2017)

Device ISOP R - measurements (20.05.2016)

Device ISOP R - requirements (26.02.2016)

Device ISOP R – GSM modem (30.11.2015)

Device ISOP M – mechanical indicator (12.06.2014)